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Harris County Aggravated Robbery Defense

Aggravated Robbery is a very serious felony offense. It is a first degree felony and carries a range of punishment from 5 years to Life in prison. Attorney James (Jim) Sullivan has represented many clients accused of aggravated robbery. In fact, his second felony trial in the early 1990s involved a client accused of committing an aggravated robbery right across the street from the South Houston Police Department. His client’s car was left behind, and the SHPD police chief testified that he positively identified his client as being one of those who ran from the scene. As the client was a felony habitual and on parole, he could not testify on his own behalf. Despite those difficult circumstances, Sullivan persuaded the jury to find his client Not Guilty. He then represented him at the parole hearing and kept his client on parole.

IMG_2922BIf you need a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney, call Attorney James (Jim) Sullivan at 281-546-6428 for a confidential consultation.

James Sullivan attended the Trial Lawyers College founded by Legendary lawyer Gerry Spence and was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers organization. Sullivan has a proven record of defending people from all walks of life, faiths and countries in courts throughout Texas.

James Sullivan gets proven results in robbery cases–

Aggravated Robbery (1° Felony)DISMISSED BY GRAND JURY (Client allegedly robbed a restaurant with a handgun)228th
Aggravated Robbery (1° Felony)REDUCED TO AGGRAVATED ASSAULT AT PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE SETTING (Client allegedly struck a teenager in the face with a rifle and stole his cell phone)209th
Aggravated Robbery (1° Felony) (2 Cases)3 YEARS OF DETERMINATE PROBATION AT HOME (16 year old client drove 2 guys on a crime spree--robbing several people at knifepoint in a short period of time. One guy got away and the other who was 17 received 3 years at TDC on a reduced aggravated assault charge)315th
Robbery (2° Felony)REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR ASSAULT ON JURY TRIAL SETTING (Client accused of stealing cell phone after attacking his girlfriend)(State only offered 4 years in prison before trial) – Case # 1306891339th
Theft from a Person (State Jail Felony)REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR THEFT and granted 2 years DADJ – Case # 1317454337th
Motion to Adjudicate Guilt (Robbery) (2° Felony)MADJ DISMISSED AND CLIENT RE-INSTATED ON PROBATION – Case # 1284911337th
Motion to Adjudicate Guilt (Aggravated Robbery) (1° Felony)MADJ DISMISSED AND CLIENT RE-INSTATED ON PROBATION – Case # 1287859337th
Robbery (2° Felony)CASE DISMISSED – Case # 1260791232nd
Robbery (2° Felony)REDUCED TO THEFT FROM A PERSON (State Jail Felony)232nd
Robbery (4 separate cases) (Felony Habitual enhanced)SENTENCED TO 10 YEARS TDC ON JURY TRIAL SETTING (Client was facing 25 years to Life in prison. Client was accused of committing 4 separate robberies within 24 hours of being released from prison. Client still had 10 years left on his parole, so for him a 10 year sentence was an extraordinary result)179th
Aggravated Robbery (2 cases) (1 case dismissed) (1° Felony)CASE REDUCED TO AGGRAVATED ASSAULT AND CLIENT RECEIVED DEFERRED ADJUDICATION PROBATION – Case # 1205480177th
Robbery (2° Felony)CASE REDUCED TO MISDEMEANOR THEFT – Case # 1194487179th
Aggravated Robbery (2 cases) (1 case found Not Guilty and 1 case dismissed) (1° Felony)NOT GUILTY VERDICT BY JURY (James Sullivan represented a 25 year old man accused of 2 separate armed robberies, including a home invasion across the street from the South Houston Police Department. The chief of police and another police officer testified in trial that they positively identified Sullivan's client as one of the three armed robbers who fled on foot from the scene. The police initially suspected Sullivan’s client because his vehicle was left behind at the scene. After the jury returned a not guilty verdict in Case # 781193, the prosecutor dismissed a second prior aggravated robbery charge in Case # 780649. If convicted of either robbery case, the accused faced 25 years to life in prison. Sullivan then represented his client at a parole revocation hearing and his client was kept on parole)174th

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