Houston Criminal Attorney James Sullivan Advises: Control Your Personal Passions

Houston Criminal Defense

Harris County criminal lawyer James Sullivan & Associates have decades of experience representing clients who could not control their personal passions and were arrested and charged with such criminal offenses as assault family violence, robbery, sexual assault and murder.  If you find yourself among those unfortunate souls who allowed their anger, lust or greed to get the better of them, then you need to hire a strong legal defense team to represent you in court.  They have fought for the legal rights of their many clients and have had hundreds of criminal and juvenile cases dismissed.

NTL-top-100-member2James (Jim) Sullivan is an experienced Houston Criminal Defense Attorney. For over 20 years, Sullivan has successfully fought the government in Jury Trials on behalf of clients in criminal and juvenile courts.

James Sullivan attended the Trial Lawyers College founded by Legendary lawyer Gerry Spence and was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers organization. Sullivan has a proven record of defending people from all walks of life, faiths and countries in courts throughout Texas.

If you need a criminal attorney, call James Sullivan at 281-546-6428 for a confidential consultation.

A person who governs personal passions is the master of the world.  We must either rule them, or be ruled by them.  It is better to be the hammer than the anvil. ~St. Dominic, Spanish founder of the Dominicans, 13th century

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