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Jim Sullivan is truly a man who goes above and beyond for his clients, the majority of which are children. These kids can’t properly speak for themselves in a court of law, but Sullivan can and does. This man’s dedication to these children is phenomenal! He is committed to giving these kids a chance to start fresh.
Our son was almost 13 years old when we called on Jim Sullivan in mid 2008, and he had been charged with a serious felony offense (aggravated sexual assault of a child). It was a Sunday when we made the call. Sullivan answered the phone and urged us to come in that evening. He sat with us for three and a half hours listening to and coming to understand our story. He was our second attorney. The first had misrepresented himself as a juvenile defense attorney and was unable to get our son released from juvenile detention. It was terrifying to have to start over in the middle of chaos, but Sullivan calmed the air so quickly and helped us move forward.  Sullivan took our son’s case that Sunday evening and changed his life. Sullivan got our son back in our custody immediately. He connected with our son and gained his trust, something the previous attorney had no time to do.  Sullivan always remembered he was our son’s attorney, not ours, and he treated our son with respect even though he had managed to land himself in a situation undeserving of it. Sullivan spent time preparing our son for what was happening now and what could be expected in the future. He was always prompt in returning phone calls; that is if I had to leave a message at all. I was usually able to reach him right away even in the evening when I did not expect to.
Sullivan knew that we had just paid our previous attorney in full and that we were financially in a bind. He didn’t make us feel unimportant while we gathered the funds he would need to defend our son. He always treated us as if we had paid in full the minute we walked through his door. This man is not about money! I truly believe that he does all that he can to provide his services at a minimal cost.
Sullivan also knew that our son was from a home of divorce and that he would have to do double time on correspondence between father and mother. He did so with the utmost patience and respect to both sides.  Sullivan kept the peace when it wasn’t his responsibility. Remember, Sullivan is the child’s attorney and not the parents. However, he took the time to help us come together on some very important issues. Just know that my son was grateful at the peace that was created.
My son is now moving on with his life in the custody of his parents and not the state of Texas, because a man named Jim Sullivan believes he has a duty to children and he wakes up to the call of that duty every day and meets it with the utmost integrity.
Tammie P., Houston, Texas

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