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IMG_2922BHouston criminal defense attorney James (Jim) Sullivan has a passion for taking misdemeanor and felony cases to trial.  There is nothing like a jury trial to keep an attorney sharp and on his toes.  Many prosecutors have underestimated his trial skills because he comes across as a nice guy.  And he is a nice guy.  And juries like nice guys.  Ultimately, everything else being equal, juries tend to vote with the attorney they like the most. There are many super aggressive lawyers with inflated egos and an overinflated sense of self importance.  They may convince people to hire them based on their mean looking ads, but the reality is that that approach is not going to go over well with a jury.

James Sullivan attended the Trial Lawyers College founded by Legendary lawyer Gerry Spence and was invited to join The National Trial Lawyers organization. Sullivan has a proven record of defending people from all walks of life, faiths and countries in courts throughout Texas.

James Sullivan has a successful trial record in criminal and juvenile courts, having tried serious felony cases such as aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault of a child, burglary of a habitation, negligent homicide, aggravated robbery, murder, assault against a public servant and evading by motor vehicle.  Sullivan has also tried numerous misdemeanor cases such as DWI, assault, theft and carrying a weapon.

If you need a Houston criminal defense attorney, call James Sullivan at 281-546-6428 for a confidential consultation.

It is useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he was never reasoned into. -Jonathan Swift, satirist (1667-1745)

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