Fort Bend Criminal Trials, Length and Difficulty

Houston criminal attorneyImage via WikipediaMany people have the idea that criminal trials take quite a long time due to the actual high publicity associated with some cases that appear to have taken forever to become decided. However, most criminal trials don’t take nearly so long as the popular media trials appears to be to make you believe. Usually the whole process from police arrest to sentencing requires less than one year to complete.

The very first part of any kind of trial process may be the arrest phase. This particular begins the test process. The arrest phase may appear at anytime inside the statue of limitations for any criminal act. Which means that as long since the statute of limitations continues to be in effect this phase from the process can occur whether it’s been a few weeks or many years.

The next phase from the trial process may be the arraignment phase. This part of the process usually occurs using the defendant being introduced before a judge for any formal hearing telling the defendant from the specific charges becoming brought against all of them. This part from the process usually happens within 48 hours of the defendant’s arrest in many jurisdictions. During the actual arraignment hearing, the judge could also decide whether release a the defendant to come back for trial regarding a misdemeanor charge or might want to hold the defendant within the local correctional facility regarding a felony cost. If not, there might be a detention hearing that’s held later to find out if the defendant must be held or launched.

In the case of the felony charge, the next thing of the trial may be the preliminary hearing stage. This part from the trial process is in which the prosecutor shows his / her evidence as in order to why the court must proceed with an effort. The defendant’s attorney has the opportunity to cross-examine any witnesses and also to see what precisely the evidence is how the prosecutor will use against his / her client. Some prosecutors however will decide to not conduct an initial hearing and will move directly into the Grand Jury phase of the felony trial. They may choose this to safeguard their witnesses as well as evidence so that this is often brought out while watching Grand Jury. The preliminary hearing phase from the trial usually happens 5-6 days following an arraignment.

Regarding a misdemeanor cost, the next phase from the trial is the actual motions and proceedings phase. This usually takes about a few months to occur however can last so long as 2 years. During this stage evidence issues tend to be settled and research are conducted to look for the allowance or reductions of witnesses. Other motions might be attempted in order to get the case dismissed about the grounds that the speedy trial isn’t being conducted. Overall the movements and hearings possess the possibility to delay an instance for enough time.

The next phase of the felony case may be the Grand Jury stage. In this phase several 16-23 citizens meet to know the evidence presented through the prosecutor to decide when there is strong enough evidence to aid an indictment. Usually the Great Jury is part of the prosecutor’s office and therefore normally hears just one side of the situation. The side they hear is the actual prosecutor’s. The defendant has got the right to testify prior to the Grand Jury and also the defense lawyer could get permission for additional witnesses to additionally testify. If things use the favor from the defendant the Great Jury may concern an indictment and also the trial is more than. This phase generally occurs within 6 days from the arraignment if the defendant hasn’t waived this or even if this the main process has not really been extended because of issues brought away in earlier areas of the trial.

Inside a misdemeanor case, the next thing after the movements and hearings would be to move on to the trial phase. This phase is in which the case is argued through the prosecutor and the actual defendant’s attorney before a jury and also the case is decided in support of the prosecution or even the defense. This part of the process typically takes about a complete of 4 days to 14 days. In extremely difficult cases it might take a few several weeks.

In a criminal offense case, the Arraignment upon Indictment occurs following a Grand Jury stage. This portion from the trial process is comparable to the original arraignment however the charges explained is going to be those that the actual Grand Jury offers issued the indictment with regard to. This portion from the trial usually occurs within about 48 hours following the indictment is issued through the Grand Jury.

The next the main process for the felony case would be to move to the actual motions and hearings phase in which the case has proof, witness, and Constitutional privileges issues debated as well as settled. This part from the trial process may take anywhere from a few months to a few years. Usually though the procedure is finished within a few several weeks.

Following this, the felony case moves to the trial phase. This phase from the trial process typically takes from 4 days to 14 days. However extremely hard and complicated cases may take several months. This is in which the jury decides the case in line with the prosecutor’s and defendant’s lawyer’s arguments. Once this really is done the case will move ahead.

The next stage in both criminal offense and misdemeanor cases may be the Pre-Sentencing Investigation stage. This part from the trial process typically takes 1 to 12 months following the conviction to end up being completed. It can end up being delayed by up to and including year should the judge choose to place the accused on probation prior to sentencing. During this time around, the evidence is actually examined and looked into to determine all the details of the crime and it is impact on the actual victims. Once it’s been completed, the trial process moves to the sentencing phase.

The sentencing phase may be the final the main trial process. This particular usually occurs in between 1 and 12 several weeks after conviction. The sentencing is completed before a judge after which the defendant is notified from the sentence that they’re facing. Once this stage has finished the actual trial process has ended unless appeals tend to be filed for higher courts to know the case.

In most, most cases are finished in under a few years. On the government side, the defendant is actually assured that their own trial phase ought to occur within 70 days because of the Speedy Trial Behave. An attorney will consult with the defendant the timing from the case and may explain any delays that could occur. As seen through the explanation of this particular trial process although, all but probably the most complicated of cases are often decided and completed inside a relatively short matter of your time.

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