There isn’t any right to bail developed by the  Constitution. The Eighth Modification states that “Excessive bail shall not be expected… ” but it doesn’t create the to bail. In Bunch v. Boyle, 342 ALL OF US 1, 72 Utes. Ct. 1(1951), the actual U. S. Supreme Court held that there’s no constitutional to bail, but the 8th Amendment requires that after bail is dependent upon a trial court it should be reasonable and particularized towards the defendant.

A motion with regard to pre-trial release relies upon a right that the arrested person may be given. State constitutions may offer this substantive to bail in felony cases. For instance, the Florida Make-up in Article We, section 14 scans,

Unless charged having a capital offense or even an offense punishable through life imprisonment and also the proof of shame is evident or even the presumption is excellent, every person charged having a crime or breach of municipal or even county ordinance shall be eligible for pre-trial release upon reasonable conditions.

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