The Texas Penal Code defines these infractions of the law, and details the offense

The Texas Penal Signal defines these infractions from the law, and particulars the offense. They might seem similar but because the penalties for conviction can vary from probation to 99 many years in state jail their differences may carry huge outcomes.

Theft (Larceny)

Theft (or even Larceny) is defined through the Texas Penal Signal as “unlawfully appropriating home with intent to deprive who owns property. ” Unlawful appropriation occurs if it’s without the customer’s consent or the home was stolen and also the perpetrator was conscious of this. Other considerations for example previous transactions and testimony of the accomplice also enter the definition. It is best to let a felony attorney sort this out if you’re facing charges.

Theft is really a misdemeanor if this involves property value of under $1, 500. It may be considered a criminal offense if it the home value is a lot more than $1, 500 or even involves weapons. There are a lot of circumstances where theft could be classed as a felony based on where the theft happened, what was taken and from who.

There are 3 classes of misdemeanors that carry fines through $500 to $4, 000 and sentences as high as one year within jail.


Robbery is defined within the Texas Penal Signal as, “in the span of committing theft with intent to acquire or maintain control from the property a individual intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily problems for another person or even intentionally or knowingly threatens or even places another in concern with bodily injury or even death. ” Robbery occurs once the victim is present throughout the theft.

Robbery is recognized as a second level felony with phrases of 2 to two decades in a condition prison and/or an excellent up to $10, 000

Aggravated Robbery is really a Violent Crime

Aggravated robbery is defined through the Texas Penal Signal as “in the span of committing a thievery the perpetrator leads to serious bodily problems for another, uses or displays a deadly tool or causes bodily problems for another person or even threatens or places someone else in fear associated with imminent bodily damage or death, if your partner is 65 years of age or older or even disabled. ”

Aggravated robbery is actually classified as chaotic crime while theft-larceny is classified like a property crime. Aggravated robbery is really a first degree criminal offense carrying sentences associated with 5 to 99 many years in state jail and/or a fine as high as $10, 000.

These laws and also the definition of these types of laws in TX, as is additional states, are complicated and available to interpretation in line with the particular set associated with circumstances surrounding the actual crime. Sentencing for these types of offenses are equally complicated and could come from jury recommendations when the case goes in order to trial, a bargain plea to some lesser offense designed to the prosecutor because of your defense attorney or perhaps a judge may enforce sentencing. A criminal defense attorney is usually a necessary element in these kinds of criminal proceedings

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