If you have been convicted of any misdemeanor or felony crime …

Within South Carolina you’ve got a right to attractiveness your conviction. Within an appeal the Accused is asking a greater level of Court to examine their case with regard to errors of regulation. If the Appellate Courtroom finds legal errors it may send the situation back with instructions to use a certain regulation or ruling, in order to grant a brand new trial.

Convictions from Justice of the peace or Municipal Courtroom are appealed towards the Court of Typical Pleas. A hearing is going to be held in usually 2-3 months with respect to the county of the actual conviction. The hearing is going to be held at the actual county courthouse as well as presided over with a Circuit Court Assess. Appeals from the actual Court of Typical Pleas are taken directly towards the south Carolina Court associated with Appeals. Examples of Justice of the peace of Municipal Court cases will be 1st Offense CDV or even DUI, Simple Ownership of Marijuana, visitors offenses or disorderly carry out.

Appeals from Southern Carolina’s highest degree of criminal Court, Common Sessions, are taken towards the south Carolina Court associated with Appeals. The only exception is where the death fee was imposed the very first appeal is towards the south Carolina Supreme Courtroom. Appeals are initiated through the filing and service of the Notice of Intention to appeal with both Court of General Sessions and also the Court of Is attractive within ten days from the sentencing. The defendant should order a copy from the transcript from the actual Court reporter. There isn’t any filing fee towards the Court of Is attractive. The Court media reporter has between 90-180 days to organize the transcript. Further extensions are just by Order from the Supreme Court. Following the transcript is lastly prepared the Defendant and also the State will publish their written briefs.

In the Court of Is attractive most cases are assigned to some three judge solar panel. They will think about written briefs submitted with respect to the prosecution and also the defendant. In a few, but not just about all, cases they will even schedule a listening to. It typically might take anywhere from 6-12 months or even more to conclude an appeal only at that level.

Cases in the Court of Appeals might be appealed to the actual Supreme Court. Cases are decided through the five Justices from the Court. It might take anywhere from 9-18 months or even more to conclude an appeal only at that level. Decisions from the South Carolina Supreme Court would be the final review readily available for criminal convictions obtainable in State Court. Additional review might be available in Government Court.

If a defendant’s confidence is upheld following the appeal they defendant includes a right to document a Petition with regard to Post Conviction Alleviation (PCR) where they’ll allege that their own sentence is unconstitutional. Defendant’s have one year by the end of their case to declare PCR. PCR cases are heard inside a civil term associated with Court. PCR cases may then be appealed towards the Court of Appeals after which the Supreme Courtroom.


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