The Practice of Law Is a Noble Profession. Good Lawyers Do Not Publicly Condemn Their Legal Brethren.

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You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. ~Matthew 7:5

The practice of law is a noble profession.  Good lawyers are principled and ethical.  They care about their clients and represent them well.  As a result, most new clients come to them from having been referred from other satisfied clients.  Indeed, before these modern days of legal advertising, that was usually how lawyers came to represent people.  The lawyers’ reputation as competent, capable and caring for their clients was well known among clients and the clients’ families and friends.  Their competence and reputation was also known among other lawyers, judges and even jurors who observed them during trial.  Even today, this is still how lawyers primarily attract new clients, from referrals or recommendations of other clients, lawyers or people who know them.

Good lawyers do not rely solely on print or on-line advertising to attract clients.  Indeed, good lawyers do not need to advertise at all.  Good lawyers consider other lawyers as their legal brethren, not their competitors.  Good lawyers reach out to other lawyers to share their legal knowledge and strategies so that the quality of local legal representation improves faster than just individual lawyers working alone.  Good lawyers do not publicly malign, criticize and condemn their legal brethren.

No one is perfect.  No lawyer is perfect.  For an imperfect lawyer seeking to attract clients on-line while at the same time condemning fellow lawyers on-line as a means to both smear the reputation of their “competitors” while at the same time hoping to build their own is just flat wrong and is nothing but pure hypocrisy.  Whether that imperfect lawyer offices in a mansion or works out of their home, their public bashing of fellow legal brethren is wrong and further diminishes the public opinion of lawyers in general.

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