Harris County Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan Encourages Writing Down Experiences

Unless we take time to think about our experiences, they stay on the surface and don’tOld books

become a part of our inner wisdom. ~Cecile Andrews, American author, present day

Houston, Texas & Harris County Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan represents many individuals who were traumatized by the experiences and events leading up to or surrounding their arrest by law enforcement.  These men or women may be in shock or bewilderment as to why they were arrested or charged in the first place.  Others may still carry the fresh scars or bruising from having been physically injured.  For whatever reason that contributes to their current mental state, what is extremely important is for the individual to put down in writing while it is still fresh in their mind what actually happened in the case–their experiences–for which he or she is being charged as well as any other pertinent information regarding the location, witnesses, etc.  This not only helps them to remember, recount and reinforce accurately what happened, it also and–just as importantly–helps the defense attorney to formulate a defense theory that may carry the day at trial.  Many times, after having read the individual’s written account of what happened, Jim Sullivan has been able to elicit from the individual certain additional facts and circumstances from the accused that he or she overlooked or did not consider important to mention in the first place.  In the long run, however, that additional information made the difference in getting a case no billed (dismissed) by the grand jury, dismissed by the prosecutor or the person being found not guilty by a jury.  If you need a Houston criminal lawyer or Houston juvenile lawyer, you can call Attorney Jim Sullivan right now at 281-546-6428 or contact them by e-mail at jimsullivan@entouch.net.


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