Review of Houston Texas Criminal Lawyer Jim Sullivan

Attorney Jim Sullivan

I was charged with Failure to Comply with Sex Offender Registration, a serious felony offense. I was innocent of the accusations, however I did not think that any attorney would believe my story. When I left prison, I joined a Christian church (Houston Victory Ministry) and lived in one of their homes. The main mission of the church is to “restore men back to God’s purpose”. In my criminal case, law enforcement came to the church to verify that I was in fact living there as that was where I was registered. The day that they visited I was working. A resident living in a different house who did not know me misinformed the police and told them I did not live there. Rather than talking to the ministers of the church or anyone in authority, they simply filed felony charges against me, and I did not want to be arrested and have to rely on the services of a court-appointed attorney. It took several months for me to earn the money to post my bond and to hire Attorney Jim Sullivan. Even with letters from my pastor, the prosecutor was still not willing to dismiss the case and only offered 4 years in prison. My attorney insisted on setting the case for trial because the state was not willing to do the right thing.  When my attorney talked to the chief prosecutor about getting a date for a jury trial, the State finally gave in and dismissed my case.  Mr. Sullivan did an awesome job for me. He believed in me and my case from the beginning. He took pictures of the facility, talked to witnesses and prepared the case for trial.  In other words, he did his job.  So, I just want to encourage anyone needing a good criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Sullivan is the one to go to.  I am a Christian and I believe with all my heart that God sent him to me.  God bless.

~Robert G., Houston, TX

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