Brook N.

The beginning of this year I found out I had an assault charge filed against me from last year. As it was my first time being in trouble I had no clue what to do. I went to court 2 times with a court appointed attorney who was absolutely no help. I knew if I didn’t hire an attorney the court case wouldn’t go in my favor.
My fiancée reached out to Mr. Sullivan and he immediately helped out. I felt so much relief after hiring him.
When we called him, we initially wanted deferred adjudication because the prosecutors had only been offering jail time through the court appointed attorney. I was planning to attend nursing school to become a registered nurse, and I knew that those plans would be ruined with an assault case on my record. Fortunately, after months of going back and forth to court, Mr. Sullivan got my case completely dismissed!
I highly recommend him as your attorney. He worked so hard for my family, and is great at what he does.
Thank you again!

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